Centre Rules

  1. Any site, or part of a site, on which a rally is held, shall be for the exclusive use of members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club and their visitors. Attendance at the site and payment of the rally fee shall be deemed as acceptance of these rules.

  2. The Centre Committee reserves the right to refuse the use of the rally site to any member or to request any member to remove his caravan/motorhome.

  3. The authority for the conduct of the rally shall be vested for the duration of the rally in the rally marshal, or his appointed deputy, who in the event of a member breaking these rules, shall be authorised to request such member to remove their caravan/motorhome from the site, and thereupon the rally marshal shall report the matter as soon as practicable to the Centre Committee for such action as shall be deemed necessary, please carry your membership card at all times.

  4. Rallies commence at 12 noon on Friday, except special events suitably notified in the booklet. If you wish to arrive earlier, you must ask permission of the rally marshal at least one day prior to the start of the rally. No one except the rally marshals will be allowed onto the rally field the night prior of the rally. The closure of the rally is 7pm Sunday, or one hour before sunset, whichever is the earlier, or as stated by your marshals. Your rally marshal may choose to leave the rally field before this time and are not obliged to stay until 7pm. Do not embarrass the rally marshals by keeping them late. They have worked hard for you and other members throughout the rally. Arrivals after 8pm – site yourself and see the marshals the following morning.

  5. Each caravan and towing vehicle must be placed on the pitch indicated by a marker.

  6. Bookings must be received and paid for 21days before the start of the rally to receive a rally plaque and 28 days for bank holiday and holiday rallies. All rallies are prepaid via bank transfer and account details will be sent to you by the rally marshal to ensure payment is received on time.

  7. No member shall be entitled to a plaque unless he attends the rally with his caravan. Also no plaque for late bookers.

  8. If, having booked for a rally, you find yourself unable to attend, please notify the rally marshal directly. If you also intend to be arriving late to a rally, please also inform the rally marshal.

  9. Members who do not arrive must pay £2 and expenses incurred and pay for any social tickets not resold. On limited rallies full cost must be paid. This amount will be calculated by the treasurer and deducted from your rally payment and any balance will be refunded directly to your bank account by bank transfer. The treasurer will contact you for your bank details to process the transfer.

  10. Large event and holiday rallies may have additional terms and conditions regarding booking and payments if this is the case this will be communicated to you at time of booking and will involve an additional booking form stating additional terms and conditions. By making a deposit or part payment for one of these rallies you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.

  11. Notification of cancellation must be communicated to the marshals on the Sunday two weeks prior to the rally. After which rule 9 will apply.

  12. Up to two sites may be saved with markers obtained from the marshal. This will be strictly monitored, and no other marker will be recognised. All dry waste must be taken home. The drinking water point is not the place for cleaning or filling your toilet.

  13. Dogs and cats must be on a lead at all times, which must not be longer than 10 feet.

  14. Speed limit at rallies is walking pace. This is for safety of life and property. Learner driving is definitely forbidden. It is the member’s responsibility to advise any visitors they may receive, expected or otherwise.

  15. A small tent may be used, in addition to a caravan/motorhome, for sleeping only, by members or their children. On weekend rallies it may be used either alone or with a small awning provided that the total length of the awning and tent does not exceed the shipping length of the caravan/motorhome and it is positioned as shown in ‘siting of caravans/motorhomes at rallies’. On holiday and bank holiday rallies a tent may be used as well as a full awning provided that there is sufficient room and that the rally marshal gives their consent. The rally marshal can also permit the siting of tents in other locations, at their discretion, having regard primarily to safety and also to the comfort of others.

  16. Members must ensure that children in their party do not trespass or cause damage to our hosts’ property. It is also their responsibility to see that they do not become a nuisance at socials or other functions.

  17. Where numbers at social events are limited, priority will be given to members attending the rally.

  18. Members should be considerate and not cause annoyance to neighbours. Noise to be kept to a minimum and cease at midnight.

  19. On account of damage to caravans, flying of kites, or model aircraft (including drones) is not allowed on, or over the site and the playing of ball games including ‘swing ball’ or similar games is only allowed on the portion of the site designated by the rally marshal, and shall not be closer than a minimum of 50 yards from any car or van.

  20. Club rules do not allow advertising at rallies.

  21. CYCLES these must be ridden with due care and attention and walking pace must be observed in the rally area. Lights must be carried at night.

  22. On joining the Club, you signed to observe the Caravan Code, and the Country Code. Keep this in mind at all times, and make sure that your individual pitch is clean and tidy during the rally, and when you leave.

  23. Ground sheets to be lifted daily on rallies over 5 days.

  24. To avoid damage to the site during bad weather, members must not use their cars when the yellow flag is flying from the flagpole.

  25. TOWING VEHICLES and CAR PARKING The towing vehicle should be placed on the offside of the caravan, in case of continental caravans this will be on the opposite side to the door. Any additional vehicles are to be parked as directed by the rally marshal.

  26. Only quiet leisure generators may be used and only between the hours of 10.00-12.00 and again between the hours of 17.00-20.00 for a duration of no longer than 2 hours. Under no circumstances must generators be left unattended. Generators will be allowed for the efficient running of any social or for medical reasons or in an emergency following discussion with the marshals.

  27. There will be NO smoking or vaping in any of the halls, party shelters (Colemans) to comply with Government legislation and fire risks.

  28. The personal data you provide is collected by the Nottinghamshire Centre and processed for the purpose of booking and running a Centre rally/event including insurance and to ensure your attendance is counted towards the fellowship awards. We will use the information that you have provided for the Rally attendance sheet, and this is for all of those attending the rally.