Committee Roles

The table below shows the current committee positions in the centre with details of just some of the duties associated with each one. Each committee member is also on hand to assist centre members as required and they also to help out on committee run rallies such as celebration rallies and the Chairman’s rally each year.

If you are interested in serving on the Nottinghamshire Centre Committee more information can be found on the AGM page under the ‘News’ tab. If there are vacancies on the website, you can apply for one of these and be ‘co-opted’ onto the committee to serve for the remainder of the year. Please contact the Hon. Secretary who will be able to advise you on the process.


The Centre Chairman is responsible for the efficient and effective running of the Centre in accordance with the Bye-Laws, Centre Rules and Centre Guidance, including the responsibility for all its activities, finance, administration and the conduct of members. Key responsibilities include:

  • Chair committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Assist the secretary to produce agendas.
  • Head the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club.
  • Liaise with treasurer to ensure any financial documents are ready for the meeting.
  • Represent the club at local, county and national levels.
  • Be familiar with the club constitution and the club’s rules and regulations.
  • Recognise the abilities and experiences of their committee members, and offer support if needed.

Vice Chairman

The Vice-Chairman’s role is primarily to support the Chairman but can include other areas of responsibility as required to support the committee, members and activities of the centre. Key responsibilities include:

  • Assist the chair with leading and promoting the centre.
  • Keep a record of rally attendance for the fellowship awards and present the results at the AGM.
  • Assist the chair in co-ordinating the committee.
  • Chair meetings in absence of the chair.
  • Deputise in the chairs absence to represent the club at local, county and national levels.
  • Be unbiased and impartial.
  • Provide advice and deal with club matters as and when required.

Hon. Secretary

The Centre Secretary is responsible for the efficient and effective administration of the Centre in accordance with the Bye-Laws, Centre Rules and Centre Guidance. Key responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the chair (and vice).
  • Ensure meetings are effectively organized and minuted (circulated to committee).
  • Maintaining contact with CAMC headquarters to ensure membership records and administration are up to date.
  • Communication and correspondence.
  • Receiving agenda items from committee members.
  • Ensuring that agreed actions are carried out.
  • Prepare paperwork for the AGM.

Hon. Treasurer

The Centre Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters relating to the Centre and its activities in accordance with Centre Rules and Centre Guidance. Key responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring clubs accounts are up to date.
  • Banking and recording all rally activities, club expenses.
  • Produce annual accounts/ reports for AGM.
  • Liaise with auditors.
  • Quarterly VAT returns.
  • Liaise with chair (and vice) about financial matters.
  • Managing the BACS transfer process for rallies and communicating with rally marshals to ensure timely payments.

Hon. Rally Secretary

The Hon. Rally Secretary is responsible for organising and booking venues for the centre’s rally programme each year. Key responsibilities include:

  • Produce rally programme for the year.
  • Find new rally sites.
  • Liaise with landowners and negotiate prices.
  • Prepare paperwork/rally packs for rally marshals.
  • Delegate to Assistant Rally Secretary if required.

Hon. Social Secretary

The Hon. Social Secretary organises and manages the catering for the centre, mainly for committee run rallies and events. Key responsibilities include:

  • Organise and cater on all committee run rallies/events. Including estimating and purchasing the necessary food and equipment required for such events.
  • Liaise with the Quartermaster to obtain the necessary catering equipment for the preparation, cooking and serving of food on rallies/events.
  • Book entertainment for committee run rallies/events.

Website and Communications Officer

The Website & Communications Officer manages communications on behalf of the centre. The key responsibilities include:

  • Manage website content.
  • Day to day running of site.
  • Ensure website is regularly maintained and running correctly.
  • Seek to develop the website and continuously make improvements for the benefit of the centre and its members.
  • Moderate posts and communicate with members on social media groups
  • Provide updates on Facebook and the Website as required by the committee

Audio Officer

The Audio Officer is responsible for managing the centre’s audio equipment. The key responsibilities include:

  • Managing the storage of all audio and disco equipment in a dry and ambient environment.
  • Maintain centre audio equipment Inc. speakers; mixing deck; laptop; microphones and cables.
  • Set up equipment on rallies as required.
  • Provide assistance to rally marshals and other committee members so that they are able to use the equipment safely if the Audio Officer is not available on a rally.

Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer is responsible for managing the storage of all centre equipment that is mainly stored in a central location. The key responsibilities include:

  • Manage the centre’s storage facility, keeping everything stored in an orderly fashion
  • Ensure the maintenance of all equipment
  • Keep the equipment inventory updated
  • Liaise with rally marshals to arrange for a rally kits to go out to each rally.
  • Liaise with marshals to provide other centre equipment for use on rallies.
  • Assist the committee with the provision of equipment on committee events/rallies.

Assistant Rally Secretary

The Assistant Rally Secretary supports the Hon. Rally Secretary with a number of tasks. The key responsibilities include:

  • Deputise for the Rally Secretary as necessary.
  • Assist rally secretary with setting up rally programme, making contact with Landowners and chasing up outstanding enquiries as required.
  • Assist with running of Rally Launch and provision of information to marshals.
  • Liaise with the Communications & Website Officer for provision of rally information for publication on social media and the centre website.
  • Generate income through the procurement of advertising/sponsorship to be placed on the website.

Assistant Social Secretary

The Assistant Social Secretary supports the Hon. Social Secretary in their role. The key responsibilities include:

  • Deputise for the Hon. Social Secretary as necessary.
  • Assist social secretary on all centre events.
  • When required, book entertainment for centre events

Health and Safety Officer (New Position)

The Health and Safety Officer will support the centre in all aspects of Health and Safety (H&S) and ensure compliance with CAMC directives. The key responsibilities include:

  • Awareness of CAMC guidance around H&S.
  • Maintain an overview of communications from CAMC in relation to H&S and advise the committee of any changes that need to be implemented.
  • Work with the committee to implement any changes that may be required.
  • To provide relevant documentation and assist marshals with the creation of individual Risk Assessments for each rally.

Plaque Officer (New Position)

The Plaque Officer is responsible for the ordering of plaques for all centre rallies. The key responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with rally marshals to facilitate ordering all rally plaques, ensuring that marshals are informed about deadlines and the parameters of ordering. This may mean contacting the marshals a few weeks before the rally to confirm numbers and plaque details.
  • Ensure orders are placed with the supplier in good time so plaques are delivered to the marshal in plenty of time prior to the start of each rally.
  • Manage the ordering and delivery of special plaques required for the AGM and celebration rallies/events.
  • Deal with any issues that may arise with either the marshal or the supplier and work with them to ensure a swift and amicable resolution.

Member Liaison Officer (New Position)

The Member Liaison Officer will involve making contact with new members on the rally field and ensuring they have everything they need for their first rally. Key responsibilities include:

  • Meeting and communicating with new centre members/new ralliers on the rally field
  • Ensure that they are made to feel welcome
  • Provide them with all the information they require about the centre and its activities to give them an understanding of how everything works.
  • Deal with any initial concerns/issues they may have
  • Ensure they feel able to fully participate in rallies and activities.
  • Obtain feedback from members about their experience and feed this into committee to improve how we do things.