What Is a Rally

A rally is simply a gathering of Caravan Club members, generally for a weekend and sometimes a longer holiday rally (anything over 5 days), to promote friendship etc.   


There are many different interests within the membership.  On different rallies over the years I have seen:  photography, fishing, golf and driving competitions, sports rallies with or without other centres and fundraising rallies too. 


We pride ourselves on being the Centre to run the rally at Osberton International Horse trials which is always well attended.  We might celebrate Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to name but a few. There are Free and Easy weekends where there is nothing organised and there are busy weekends like the AGM  or Masterchef and Bierkeller Rally.  You should never feel obliged to join in anything which does not interest you. 


The Rally Marshalls are ordinary members, who have volunteered to organise and run the Rally on behalf of the membership.    


Rallies usually start at 12.00 noon unless otherwise stated and this is to allow the Marshal sufficient time to prepare for the ralliers arrival.  Please do not arrive before the stated start time.  In exceptional circumstances you may need to arrive earlier - please contact the Marshall the day before to check if this is a possibility. 


On arrival at the rally, drive up to the Marshal’s van (usually the first in the field and next to the Centre Flag). The Marshall will greet you and will hand you an envelope containing the rally programme, a breakdown of your Rally Fee and any competitions that may be held over the weekend. They will advise you where to park your van and if you need help this is your point of contact.”  


At some point on the Rally there is a “Flag” meeting. Ralliers gather at the Rally Marshal’s van.  The rally marshall will share results of any competitions, give an update of Centre news, welcome any visitors and any new Ralliers.  Someone will announce forthcoming events and extend thanks to all the Rally Marshals on behalf of the membership.


PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to items you would normally expect to take on a commercial site, you need your own toilet which you will empty yourself into the ELSAN point provided, a water container to fill your toilet with to swill it out (toilet cassettes must never be taken to the drinking water tap as this is a serious health hazard), a waste bin for your dry waste so you can take it home and some simple wooden wedges and packing in case you need to park on sloping fields. The general unspoken rule is that you use your own toilet in your own van when on the rally field where no public facilities are available.  


Please also be aware that most rallies are run on battery and no electrics are provided. 
So hopefully at this point, you are still interested so why not give it a try?  If in doubt give a committee member a ring who will be able to appease any concerns you may have.  Don’t forget, we all rally for fun, to relax with like minded people and to see different parts of the county.  We would like to share this experience with you.   Everyone welcome.  
Hope to see you on the rally field soon. 



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