Hints To Ralliers

To attend a Rally
1. Complete the details requested on one of our Booking Slips in full - online booking is also available on a number of rallies through the centre website. 


2. Get the completed form to the appropriate Rally Marshal before closing date, either by hand by post or online. Postal deliveries are uncertain, so allow one week for transit.


3. Only if the Rally is fully booked will you get a reply.
Getting to the site
1. Confirm the directions on a map before setting off.


2. Near the site our Rally signs will be displayed to assist you in finding the field.


3. Directions in the Rally Book always start from Nottingham.
At the Rally Site
1. An envelope will be handed to you giving details of expenses to be paid e.g. Rally Fee, VAT and Plaque if ordered. (A Plaque is a small decorative plastic token).


2. The fee is paid in cash to the Rally Marshal unless indicated otherwise in the Rally Book.


3. The Marshal will either give you a choice of site, or designate a definite pitch for your caravan. It is emphasised that the Marshal is in charge of the Rally, and his instructions must be followed.


4. The location of drinking water and the Elsan disposal pit will be indicated by the Marshal.


5. It is essential to provide your own chemical sanitation at all Centre Rallies. These must not be filled or cleaned at the water taps. 6. Levelling blocks may be required.
1. A Sunday newspaper may be supplied if requested but will be charged for. This will be at the marshals’ discretion.


2. Any additional information will be included in your Rally envelope.


3. Centre Flag’ is a meeting of members attending the Rally addressed by the Chairman or one of his deputies, to impart news of future rallies and the latest Centre information.


4. It is advisable that every caravan should be equipped with a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.


5. The ringing of a bell on the Rally Field indicates a FIRE. DO NOT ring a bell for any other purpose.


6  To avoid damage at site entrances during bad weather, members must not use their cars when the YELLOW flag is flying from the flagpole.


7. Persons accepting a tow from any other vehicle do so at their own risk. 8. Consult one of our Centre Officers or Committee for any further information you may require.

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