I began rallying with the Nottinghamshire Centre in 1989 with a 1967 Alpine Sprite, and in the 1990’s as a family we were out most weekends with two young children enjoying the freedom of the rally field. As we have got older and the vans have got newer we still enjoy rallying most weekends, making the most of the countryside and the sense of relaxation we get from being away from home.


Looking at my rally plaques I have noticed that over the years we have rallied not just with the Nottinghamshire Centre but also with our neighbouring centres Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire; exploring the regions and making friends. Some past rallies which are no longer held became a tradition and hold dear memories for my family such as the Spalding Tulip Festival and the Ashbourne Highland Gathering. I am sure in another 20 years I will be reminiscing happily about Osberton, Bosworth & many other rallies too.


I am proud and honoured to be the Chairman of our Centre.  It is wonderful that we are a strong, vibrant and flourishing centre in 2016.  This is a reflection of all the hard work and commitment of the previous Chairs, committees, rally marshals and attending members as we all play a part. I will work hard to make sure that the club continues to thrive and develop with the same values and friendships we have today. 


With a new Chair and committee, it is inevitable that some things may be different but we must move forward and I am confident that your new committee are up for the challenge and will do everything in their power to ensure the continued success of our centre.  I am very grateful to the new committee for standing and sharing the responsibility of representing our centre, to ensure that we all enjoy our hobby of caravanning.


Thank you to all those who have agreed to marshal rallies in the forthcoming year and the landowners for the use of their premises.

Thank you to the advertisers whose sponsorship off sets the cost of this rally book each year, I hope you will endeavour to support them in return.


Julie and I look forward to seeing you in the year ahead on the rally field, as the centre has a full and varied rally programme planned for your enjoyment. 


Thank you


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